What is a Server?
However, many servers today are shared servers that take on the responsibility of e-mail, DNS, FTP, and even multiple websites in the case of a web server. Why are servers always on? Because they are commonly used to deliver services that are constantly required, most servers are never turned off.
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In questo caso si dice che i server formano un'unica' risorsa computazionale definita come server cluster, che può continuare a funzionare anche se un certo numero delle macchine componenti viene messa fuori linea, anche se ovviamente la risorsa subisce un degrado delle prestazioni generali.
What Is a Server?
Large businesses that have multiple servers don't' typically access these servers locally, like with a keyboard and mouse, but instead by remote access. These servers are also sometimes virtual machines, meaning that one storage device can host multiple servers, which saves physical space and money.
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Server, a tennis player who makes a serve; see Serve tennis. Altar server, a lay assistant to a member of the clergy during a Christian liturgy. Other uses edit. Server Sundaram, a 1964 Indian comedy film. Server, any serving utensil; see List of serving utensils.
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For example, if files on a device are shared by some process, that process is a file server. Similarly, web server software can run on any capable computer, and so a laptop or a personal computer can host a web server. Professional Game Server Hosting.

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